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'Building your effective leadership skills'
Educator Professional Development Session 'Online workbook'

The 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership (Kouzes and Posner): 

1. Model the Way: Clarify values; set the example 

2. Inspire a Shared Vision: Envision the future; enlist others 

3. Challenge the Process: Search for opportunities; experiment and take risks 

4. Enable others to Act: Foster collaboration; strengthen others 

5. Encourage the heart: Acknowledge contributions; celebrate value and victories

Self-Leadership Activity:

 (this activity is part of our Positive Living Skills Year 3 and 4 Extension Program)

1) Bill saw another student drop his hat as he is walking to class. He doesn’t know the other student, and the other student didn’t notice he dropped his hat. Which choice shows self-leadership? (Could be more than one)
2) Tim isn’t sure of the bigger student – he sees a Teacher close by so goes to them to ask for help
3) Tim is standing on the playground at lunch time and sees two younger students arguing. One pushes the other and the smaller student falls over.
4) James sees a plastic bag on the ground which is blowing in the wind.
Question 5a: Considering the case study of Jenny, what do I recommend?

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