Early Childhood Wellbeing Program


Young children's brains are developing at a rapid rate, and their early learning sets the foundation for their future life experience, with 90% of a child’s brain development takes place before they even reach primary school.

Parents, families and educators play a vital role in the development of the essential social and emotional skills that children must develop if they are to make a positive transition from early learning to school.

With media reports suggesting children as young as four are being diagnosed with anxiety, and children as young as 10 self-harming, this MUST be addressed, and it starts in the early learning environment. This is why we have created this preventative, universal initiative to support children, educators and families.

'Possa Bill is Great! We've had lots of parents who have been extremely on board with the program, extremely happy with the program, they’re hearing the language come home with the kids and they’re able to use that language at home as well. We’re able to support them with the things they’re doing at home  -and Possa Bill is like that 3rd person in the room - ‘ what would Possa Bill think? Let’s tell Possa Bill in the morning’  Bec, C & K Preschool Director, Logan Reserve, Queensland

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Jo Devin, Co-Founder

The Positive Living Skills Early Childhood Wellbeing Program has been independently reviewed and is listed in the Be You Programs Directory. It meets the minimum evidence requirements set by Be You and has been awarded a rating for evidence and implementation. 

About the Program

Early childhood is a vital period in a child’s learning and development where children begin to develop their identity and understanding of the world and their place within it.  

This program supports children in early childhood education to begin to develop a healthy self-concept as they learn practical and positive social and emotional skills that encourage a strong sense of wellbeing and assist them with a successful transition to Primary School.

The program also supports educator personal and professional development and connects with families to support them in a range of ways also.


The Positive Living Skills Early Childhood program has been designed to meet the elements of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF) and supports the Council of Australian Governments’ vision that: ‘All children have the best start in life to create a better future for themselves and for the nation.’


The program also supports early learning services to implement the quality areas of the National Quality Standards (NQS) and supports positive behaviour policies.

The 48 individually scripted learning experiences that form part of the Positive Living Skills Early Childhood Wellbeing program are organised under (6) main concept headings:


  • Highlights

  • Feelings

  • Focus

  • Relaxation

  • Cooperation

  • Self-Esteem.

To watch a short video on each of these concepts visit the Educators page. 

Aims and benefits:

· Children who are kinder, more socially skilled with improved cooperation skills

· Children who are more aware of their feelings and the feelings of others as they develop empathy 

· Children who are calmer and more relaxed with improved focus skills

·Children who understand that learning skills takes persistence and practice

· Educators who are more equipped to handle challenging behaviour and who are feeling more engaged and confident

· Educators, children and families who are building their emotional intelligence.

Program Features:

· 48 individually scripted learning experiences with matching resources, each mapped to the EYLF Curriculum with extension and adaptation ideas

· 20+ different Audio tracks

· Colour posters and Happy Highlight Clickers

· Possa Bill Puppet

· 20+Learning Story templates with samples and ideas​ and  PLS 'Take Home Family Pack'

· Professional Development for Educators

· Ongoing Engagement Support from Positive Living Skills to help embed the program in the Service. 

We are currently in partnership with Charles Sturt University to further the evidence base of the PLS Early Childhood Program with results now available. 




To read the results of an internal study we conducted with a range of early childhood service Directors and educators in 2017 about their experience with the PLS Early Childhood Wellbeing Program, click below.

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“The first 5 years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out” 

Bill Gates, Co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation