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What is the Positive Living Skills Initiative?

The Positive Living Skills (PLS) Initiative is a whole of community approach to mental wellbeing. We support Early Learning Centres and Primary Schools to lead a culture of mental wellbeing in their communities. Included in the initiative are ‘ready to implement’ ‘teacher-led’ scripted and resourced ‘whole of community’ programs aimed to build habitual skills for emotional intelligence in young people starting from Early Childhood through to Year 6, and that also support educators and families. The suite of Positive Living Skills programs include: 1. The PLS Early Childhood Wellbeing Program including resources for children, educators and families 2. The PLS Primary School Wellbeing Program, also including student, teacher and family resources 3. The Positive Living Skills ‘5 Steps to Positive Living’ full day Professional Development ‘live’ Teacher workshops, delivered on site at your School 5. Other products available to families via our website

How is the Positive Living Skills Primary School Wellbeing Program different?

Feedback we are receiving suggests that the Positive Living Skills Primary School Wellbeing program could be the most extensive scripted and curriculum mapped 'resource pool' style social and emotional program available in Australia - with 216 individually scripted Learning Experiences plus loads of included resources all mapped to the National Curriculum and Teaching Standards. It also can be integrated with and supports Schools approaches to Positive Behaviour and teaching of School values.
• The PLS Program is a completely preventative and positive mental wellbeing program. All our lessons are worded intentionally with positive language patterns and promote empowerment, kindness, cooperation, empathy and personal accountability
• This program supports the Curriculum and is designed to be implemented once a week, or up to every day if teachers or the School wishes, as a true prevention program, rather than it ‘sitting on the shelf’ waiting to be accessed when there is a problem.
• We are focused on supporting teachers. There is no formal up-front training required to start delivering this program as all the information required is in the starter Kit. On top of that, Professional Development is offered to teachers with a different focal point each time focused on supporting teachers’ emotional wellbeing
• We are available by phone or email to support ‘Positive Living Skills’ Schools to embed and continue to get value from the program
• Positive Living Skills is an Initiative, not just a program, designed to support the whole School community - The Positive Living Skills online resource hub, The ‘Family Link’ is also available for families and children to access a range of PLS resources from the comfort of their home as well as having some resources shared by students and teachers.

What’s included in the PLS Primary School Wellbeing Program Packages?

When a Primary School decides to move forward with the Positive Living Skills Wellbeing initiative, they sign a Lifetime Licence to operate the Positive Living Skills program materials, and Schools can now choose from THREE package options: 1. Schools can move forward with the FULL 12 Unit Positive Living Skills program containing 216 Learning Experiences covering 12 Content topics: CORE program topics: Highlights, Feelings; Focus, Relaxation; Cooperation and Self Esteem, and The Extension program topics: Appreciation; Communication; Choice; Solutions; Leadership; and Potential Plus posters, matching resources, Family resources, Teacher Professional Development and more. 2. Schools can choose to start with the CORE Program (144 resourced Learning Experiences) and add the Extension program later, OR 3. Schools might choose to start with ONE STAGE of the program:

  • Foundation to Year 2
  • Years 3-4, or
  • Years 5-6
  • Each of these options contains 72 Learning experiences with matching resources and more.
Each Learning Experience has been individually mapped to the F-10 Australian National Curriculum and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (AITSL), plus the NSW PDHPE Syllabus. To download a comprehensive PROGRAM INFORMATION DOC with pricing and details of all options, click HERE .

What are the PLS Program Concepts?

The Positive Living Skills Program has six (6) ‘Core’ Program Concepts within the Early childhood Wellbeing Program and the Primary School Wellbeing Program. The Core Concepts are: Highlights Feelings Focus Relaxation Cooperation and Self-Esteem The Primary School Wellbeing “Extension Program” further supports students in Years 3 -6 as they prepare to transition from Primary School to High School. The Extension Program Concepts are: Appreciation Communication Choice Solutions Leadership, and Potential To download a comprehensive PROGRAM INFORMATION DOC detailing the Program Package options Click HERE

Why the Positive Living Skills program?

While there is a variety of Social and Emotional frameworks and some specific SEL Learning programs in the Australian educational market offering value, the Positive Living Skills Primary School Wellbeing program offers unique value in that it is: · Fully scripted for ease of use for time poor educators – it is a ‘pick up and run with’ intentional teaching program (minimal teacher preparation required) · The program offers 216 pre-prepared resources and lessons and it is presented in a very accessible format - a 'resource pool' that is ready to teach and supports Positive Behaviour frameworks, Anti-bullying approaches and School values programs · The Program can be adapted or adopted for different age groups and contexts with complete flexibility for teachers · The Program is matched to the National F-10 curriculum V8.3 – Learning Areas and General Capabilities, and the AITSL Professional Teaching Standards · PLS an engagement model for ongoing support of participating educators · Our program includes Professional Development Webinars aimed to support Teachers within subscribed Schools · The program links resources with the home environment assisting families to navigate parenting and supporting students while they are at School and as they prepare to transition to High School · The program addresses the alarming statistics around mental illness affecting young people today. With younger and younger children presenting with anxiety and depression, this program provides children with an opportunity to build habitual wellbeing skills · The program supports already overworked Teachers by providing a completely prepared, ready to implement and fully flexible resource pool to teach habitual wellbeing skills, with each learning experience mapped to the Curriculum. · Supports Principals in supporting their teams, driving School success and connecting with and supporting their community

What aged children is the program suitable for?

The program covers all Primary School teaching years from Foundation (Prep, Kindergarten) to Year 6. The 144 Learning Experiences in the CORE program cover all Primary School Teaching Stages, and the 72 Learning Experiences in the “Extension Program” covers Years 3 -6 and all 216 Learning Experiences can be delivered as a flexible resource pool for Teachers.

How is the PLS Primary School Wellbeing program delivered?

Teachers and Educators deliver the pre-prepared program lessons and resources to the students within the Learning Environment. Once the team have perused their Program Pack and reviewed all the Teacher Resources, they are ready to deliver the Program, with the support of PLS. Unit concepts and Learning experiences can be delivered in a flexible way to small or large groups of students, and program concepts and resources support anti-bullying programs, positive behavour approaches and School Values programs and projects. Alternatively Positive Living Skills can be the predominant wellbeing program of the School and stands alone. The focus is on School community support, teachers support and student support without adding anything to already stretched workloads.

How much time is involved in delivering/implementing the program?

Each Learning Experience has been designed to be delivered within a 15 minute time period with loads of potential to extend. To build a long-term skills set for wellbeing it is suggested that PLS Learning Experiences are delivered once a week with all Year Levels focusing on the same concept at the same time to embed the learning across the school culture. Having said that, the Positive Living Skills program can also be used as a supportive 'resource pool', to assist teachers to deliver other initiatives focused on positive behaviour, anti-bullying, and respectful relationships.

How flexible is the program?

The program is a fully flexible resource pool of scripted learning experiences, and each Learning experience supports others in the program although all are completely stand alone. You can apply any Learning Experience from any Program Unit to integrate with current classroom learning or any situation in the classroom or School, or you might like to deliver the program in a linear way. As a teaching professional the choice is yours!!

Is Professional Development included?

Yes. All schools receive access to (3) three live Professional Development Webinars with their “Core Program” package in their first calendar year. These webinars explore the concepts of the Program, both within the context of supporting teachers as they move forward with their own ongoing personal and professional development and the learning outcomes can be taken back into the classrooms and shared with students. We also offer a Professional Development Day – 5 Steps to Positive Living where we explore the concepts to build mental wellbeing and resilience, explore and develop skills and tools for self-empowerment, reflect on personal communication strengths and styles and to understand and appreciate others even more, build awareness around leadership strength, build appreciation of the importance of developing and maintaining a growth mindset and provide some techniques which can be applied in the classroom the very next day. For more information about our Professional Development Day click HERE or if you would like to download a flyer NOW click HERE

How much training is required for teachers/educators to deliver the program?

Teachers are not required to attend any specific training to deliver the Positive Living Skills program. A fully scripted Program Introduction Powerpoint Presentation is included in the Program Pack and once the team have perused their Program Pack, familiarized themselves with the Positive Living Skills concepts Resource videos/documents , browsed through the scripted learning experiences and resources, they are ready to start sharing the program with children! Having said that, the Positive Living Skills team offers full 'onboarding' support, presenting to School teams (via online meetings), and supporting with Scope and Sequence options so Schools can receive as much or as little support as they prefer from PLS.

How much planning/preparation is required to deliver a lesson?

Very little preparation is required. The teacher or educator decides on the PLS Learning Experience to deliver, gathers any external resources such as pencils or paper, puts on the supplied audio or refers to the provided resources, and the Curriculum mapped lesson is ready to implement!

How does the program meet the Australian National F-10 Curriculum?

Each Individual Learning Experience of the Positive Living Skills Primary School Wellbeing Program has been mapped to the Australian National F-10 Curriculum Learning Areas and General Capabilities (V8.3) by the School of Teacher Education, Charles Sturt University. All learning levels of each program Unit has also been mapped to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, and the NSW PDHPE Syllabus.

What is the appeal for teachers and educators?

At Positive Living Skills, we know how many responsibilities teachers have and how valuable your time is. This is a ‘pick up and deliver’ program, that meets Social and Emotional outcomes, AND curriculum outcomes, and supports teachers to promote positive behaviour and school values. We are also focused on supporting you to support your parent and carer community, through the PLS Family Link, AND the Professional Development component supports the whole teaching team.

How does the program connect with parents, carers and the community?

The Positive Living Skills initiative is focused on supporting children, educators and families to build and maintain helpful ways to live fulfilled lives through the building of habitual skills for mental wellbeing. To assist with this mission, we have developed a range of resources within the program that Educators can share with parents and carers via newsletter, and we have also developed the Positive Living Skills Family Link. The family link is an online resource hub that contains a range of supportive audios and documents that are linked to the topics within the program and which can assist all members of the family to maintain their mental wellbeing.

What is the appeal for School Principals and the School Community?

The goal of the Positive Living Skills Wellbeing initiative is to not only support the social and emotional wellbeing of students, it is also to support the ongoing culture of the School community, supporting teachers and educators to build their confidence and communication skills via both the lessons and Professional Development, which represents an opportunity for teachers and educators to continue to build their own emotional intelligence. The program also connects with families through the learning experiences and the Family Link.

How much does the PLS Primary School Program cost and how do I get started?

We consider the Positive Living Skills Initiative to be a community partnership where together we can positively support a mentally healthy, resilient and more focused future generation of people having the capacity to move toward and achieve their potential. The Program options are currently being sold as a Lifetime Licence. To download a detailed information pack including pricing click HERE

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“That’s the beauty of education, kids taking lessons out of the classroom into their own world where they can positively affect their family, their friends and their greater community.”  Erin Gruwell

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