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Funding opportunity for Public Schools in the Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network region

Register your interest NOW (before 12th March 2021) for this limited opportunity. 

Eligible Schools will be prioritised for this opportunity based on the date EOI's are submitted.

The Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network (MPHN) in NSW is giving public primary schools in their region the opportunity to express their interest to access the Positive Living Skills Primary School Wellbeing Program with full funding support. 

Participating schools will gain access to the comprehensive flexible resource pool of (216) pre-planned learning experiences with matching resources covering Foundation to year 6, giving teachers a common language to teach mental wellbeing. The PLS initiative supports students, educators and families and is easy to implement adding no additional work for teachers. Express your interest today. 

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before 12th March 2021
About this Opportunity

The Positive Living Skills (PLS) Wellbeing Program offers an evidence-based approach to the intentional teaching of skills for mental wellbeing, starting in early childhood, and has been designed with educators in mind so it is easy to implement, flexible and comprehensive.

PLS brings a fresh set of curriculum-mapped resources to primary schools that supports educators to intentionally teach children habitual skills to build their social and emotional competence and maturity. PLS is a fundamental early prevention approach supporting children to learn a range of habitual strategies to build a strong sense of self-worth and resilience and empower them to self-regulate and self-direct their emotions for positive outcomes, and support them as they move into adolescence and high school.


With the support of the Murrumbidgee PHN the Positive Living Skills Wellbeing Initiative will be introduced to government primary schools in the MPHN region, providing each school with an opportunity to submit an Expression of Interest to access the Positive Living Skills Wellbeing initiative for their learning communities.


Participating primary schools will be provided with a Lifetime Licence to the PLS program materials and the Positive Living Skills team will work with each school to support them to integrate the program into their existing wellbeing strategy plan and curriculum, to engage their teams and to plan the roll out of the program into their communities.


Participating schools will sign a Memorandum of Understanding agreeing to implement the PLS program by Term 3 of 2021 and to participate in an evaluation of the program via an online Survey form which will be sent out to all schools at the end of 2021 and will be shared with Murrumbidgee PHN.

To get started:

1. Fill out this online form to express your interest

2. PLS will then be in contact to update you on the opportunity

If you have questions, email us: 

Visit the Positive Living Skills Website 

About the PLS Primary School Wellbeing Program

Jo Devin, Co founder of Positive Living Skills presents a PLS Primary School program 'DEMO' (approximately 10 mins)

Participating schools will access the FULL Comprehensive 12 Unit Positive Living Skills Primary School Wellbeing Program. 

The opportunity to Express your Interest is currently open to all public primary schools in the NSW Murrumbidgee PHN region. Any size school could qualify depending on funding availability.

If unsure if your school is in the catchment area express your interest now or for a MPHN region map click HERE. 

The PLS Primary School Wellbeing program includes 216 individually pre-planned, curriculum-mapped Learning Experiences (mapped to National F-10 Curriculum, AITLS teaching standards and NSW PDHPE Syllabus), extensive teacher resources, family resources, support from PLS and a selection of online PD sessions (PD is not required to begin delivery of the program). It is a flexible resource pool.

You can also find out more info about this opportunity by downloading an information document or learn more about the PLS program by clicking HERE. 

What are psychologists saying about the PLS program?

“Positive Living Skills gives teachers the tools they need to teach children the life skills they need to thrive. PLS strategies have the power to set children up for a life filled with joyful relationships, emotional well-being and success in achieving their goals. Congratulations to Cath and Jo on creating a program with so much potential to have a positive impact on the lives of children and our society. ”                  

Beth Macgregor, Psychologist

Beth Macgregor is an accomplished and experienced psychologist who consults to Child Health, Education and Welfare organisations and her focus areas include attachment, child development, brain development, trauma and working with vulnerable families. See  for more information.

"Positive Living Skills is such a beautifully simple, rich, and adaptable program for any classroom, learning space and child. It provides a wonderful foundation for building resilience and learning to ride the inevitable waves we face throughout life.

With a perfect combination of CBT, Mindfulness and practical activities for social and emotional development – this program is bound to have a lasting impact for our children and their communities. The expert guidance and leadership of Cath and Jo is evident – well done to all involved”

Carly Fisher, Psychologist

Carly Fisher is a passionate and accomplished Psychologist who has worked for over 15 years with children, adolescents and adults in individual and group settings, as well as consulting with businesses, to overcome challenges and strive for their best version of health and wellbeing.

Carly is a vocal advocate for rural and country kids being able to access high quality professional support, early intervention, training and learning.

For more about Carly and her work, visit

Ready to Express your interest?
Act NOW as funding spaces are limited
Registrations close 12th March 

'Children now have a forum to discuss their feelings, a safe place where their emotions can be supported and seen as important and an opportunity to focus on positive feelings.' Teacher, Wellington Public School, NSW

'You can share with other people and everyone listens and you get to share your ideas.' 

Year 3-6 student

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