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Welcome to Positive Living Skills 

Cath Shaw - Founder

Families play a vital role in the Positive Living Skills initiative, and we acknowledge all the parents, carers, grandparents and families who support children in learning and growing to be healthy, resilient contributing adults.

On this page you will also find a range of complimentary resources from the PLS programs, for you and your family to enjoy.

We encourage you to introduce our programs to your Primary School or Early Learning Service. Click on the button below to download a flyer you can share with your Early Learning Service or Primary School.

When your School or Centre joins the program, you will be invited to join the Positive Living Skills Family Link, where you can access a wider range of wellbeing resources to support members of the family of all ages.

The PLS 'Family Link'

When the Primary School or Early Learning Centre that your child attends  joins the Positive Living Skills initiative, your family will be invited to join the PLS 'Family Link'.

Ask your School or Centre for a "password" that will allow you and your loved ones to join and access a range of online wellbeing resources. 

Carly Fisher, Psychologist

"Positive Living Skills is such a beautifully simple, rich, and adaptable program for any classroom, learning space and child. It provides a wonderful foundation for building resilience and learning to ride the inevitable waves we face throughout life.

With a perfect combination of CBT, Mindfulness and practical activities for social and emotional development – this program is bound to have a lasting impact for our children and their communities. The expert guidance and leadership of Cath and Jo is evident – well done to all involved”

Carly Fisher, Psychologist

Carly Fisher is a passionate and accomplished Psychologist who has worked for over 15 years with children, adolescents and adults in individual and group settings, as well as consulting with businesses, to overcome challenges and strive for their best version of health and wellbeing.

Carly is a vocal advocate for rural and country kids being able to access high quality professional support, early intervention, training and learning.

For more about Carly and her work, visit

PLS at home

We know how challenging it can be to raise children in today’s world with all the rapid advances in technology and an ‘always connected’ culture, along with all the financial and time demands of living and raising a family.

We know that parents and families want to see their children grow to be healthy and happy and to find meaning and direction in their lives and our purpose at Positive Living Skills is to support children to become confident, caring and contributing individuals.

Our programs support teachers and educators to assist children from Early Childhood to Year 6 to learn the essential social and emotional skills which will assist them to move forward with their lives, and we encourage all families to find out more about our programs and introduce them to Early Learning Centres and Primary Schools across Australia.


Together we can improve the horrific statistics we see of anxiety, depression and suicide in our communities.

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Positive Living Skiils Possa Bill Puppet
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Positive Living Skills Joy and Focus for Everyone by Terry Orlick, Ph.d.

Postage Included

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complimentary family resources


Find Your Highlights - Unknown Artist

Sing along and find your highlights from the sky to the ground.

Stoplight Song - Unknown Artist

This song is part of the Mindmasters2 program - shared here with compliments from 

Listen and dance to the stoplight song as you learn about emotions.

Umbalakiki Song - Unknown Artist

This song is part of the Mindmasters2 program - shared here with compliments from 

Sing along as you learn about how to put your worries away.

Guided Audios for children

Floating on clouds - Unknown Artist

Play this guided imagery relaxation audio for your child to help them relax and feel calm

Possa Bill Loves Nature -

Go on a relaxing walk with Possa Bill.  Where will your imagination take you?

Kindness - Unknown Artist

Each day there are lots of ways we can help other people feel happy or good.  Learn how we can all be kinder to each other.

Adult resources

Sea of Tranquility - Unknown Artist

Listen to this 20 minute hypnotic guided relaxation/meditation when you want to relax or help you sleep

100% Responsibility

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What a concept! Download and consider the ideas in this report.  Try them on and let us know what you think!