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At Positive Living Skills, we believe that every child has the capacity to reach his or her unique potential and that every child in today’s world needs to learn proactive and practical ways to look after their own mental wellbeing, starting in Early Childhood, so that when they are ready to transition into High School they have are staring to develop long term habits for how to calm themselves when feeling stressed, and they have tools to apply to help them to self-direct their thoughts, feelings and behaviours toward a positive life experience.

We also see Educators and families stressed and challenged so we see this as a 'whole of community' challenge, and positive solution. 

Our vision is to significantly and positively impact the alarming statistics of anxiety, depression and suicide we are seeing in our communities today, within one generation.

'Students really engage with the content.... I have very much noticed the language of the program starting to be used by teachers around the School. I am excited to see how much more it develops.' 

Jane, Relief Teacher, NSW

‘Living with more quality, joy and harmony is a realistic possibility for every human being’

Dr. Terry Orlick

Our Core Beliefs

Below are just some of the beliefs and assumptions that underpin the content within all the programs resources and services within our Positive Living Skills initiative. While you may not see these words or specific reference to these concepts within the materials, they are implied.


These concepts come from many years of study and application in the area of human behaviour and how to live a fulfilled and balanced life of meaning and purpose.


  • We all have personal resources

  • Each of us has the ability to ‘write our own  story’

  • We always have some level of choice

  • Our choice of focus drives our lives

  • Relaxation is essential in today’s world

  • Positive imagery is powerful

  • We are all unique individuals

  • People assign meaning to events

  • Our choice of words can shape our lives

  • Our physiology can support us to influence our emotional state

  • People are not their behaviours

  • We are always learning

  • We believe in social justice for all

The Work Of
Dr. Terry Orlick

Dr Terry Orlick Ph.D, is a world-renowned leader in the applied field of mental training for excellence.


Dr Orlick has authored more than 20 highly acclaimed books, and has created innovative programs for children and youth to develop humanistic perspectives and positive mental skills for living. 


Dr Orlick is a former Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, Canada and founder of the innovative Journal of Excellence.


He holds distinguished service awards from numerous Olympic and education associations and he has given lectures on the pursuit of excellence in virtually every corner of the world, and has dedicated many years to researching the effect of positive living skills on children, youth and adults.


His most recent book ‘Positive Living Skills’ and the body of research he has published represents much of the inspiration for and  the basis of the concepts within the Positive Living Skills program.



For more information on Dr. Terry Orlick please click here.​

Program Creation

On connecting with the esteemed Dr Terry Orlick and studying his books, research and findings, we knew that the core concepts and the essential value of this work could be expanded and developed into a practical, prescriptive, preventative and positive initiative that educators could implement in Australian Early Learning Centres and Primary Schools to address the growing concern of mental health in our educational communities and support a positive approach to behaviour management.


In 2014 we embarked on a process of program development, where we partnered with Dr. Orlick and took Terry’s core concepts as they relate to children’s social and emotional development, and combined these with our own expertise in personal and professional development and training. We expanded and tested these concepts through a pilot development process, then mapped them to the Australian teaching curriculums, and added extensive supportive resources for children educators and families to produce the extensive and comprehensive ‘whole of community’ programs that make up the PLS initiative.


We are delighted to see this work researched further and see it reaching  children, educators and families to support mental wellbeing in Australia.

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