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Lead a Culture of mental wellbeing in Australian learning communities.

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Cath Shaw, Founder of the Positive Living Skills Initiative in Australia 
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Information session about?


We know you are here because you know how important mental wellbeing is for young people, for educators and for our communities. So do we.

Over the last 5 years we’ve been connecting with hundreds of educators, Wellbeing Coordinators, School Counsellors, Principals and parents and we have heard all of their pain and struggle. Many are having real trouble coping with challenging behaviour, managing challenges with families, as well as maintaining a positive level of mental health.

Together with input and collaboration from our mentor and leading expert on mental performance, Dr Terry Orlick, as well as psychologists and educational leaders, we‘ve developed a Primary School and Early Learning Centre community mental wellbeing initiative which supports teachers, children families and school and community cultures and we are seeing Centres and Schools successfully embedding this culture of mental wellbeing. 


We want to share more information with you about the Positive Living Skills initiative and how we believe it supports Primary Schools and Early Learning Centres to lead a culture of mental wellbeing that supports children, educators and families. Then you can see if it could support your current approach, and if the Positive Living Skills initiative could be a potential fit for your School or Early Learning Centre.

Who should attend?

This 1 hour free online event is targeted to Primary School teachers, Principals, Wellbeing Coordinators,  School Counsellors  plus Early Learning Centre Directors Owners Teachers and Room Leaders. Join the Information session to hear about the 10 Essential Elements within the Positive Living Skills initiative that is making a positive difference to Australian learning communities.

As well as learning more about the initiative and how it could support your School or Centre, you'll also hear some practical tips that you can apply in your learning environment the very next day.

Why should I attend?

You will gain from this session if:

  • You and your colleagues are exhausted with dealing with the challenging behaviour of children and families

  • You already have a wellbeing focus in your School or Centre and it is working well although you are always on the look out for additional ideas and more support for families

  • You have been assigned as the person to lead or drive ‘wellbeing’ in your School or Centre or you've been asked to teach Social and Emotional learning (SEL) and you are finding it to be a daunting and challenging task

  • You are looking for a consistent and effective common-sense approach that supports your whole community, children educators and families

  • You know you need a wellbeing initiative and you’ve seen resources around although there is still a lot of work in putting things together 

  • You require support in getting ‘buy in’ from all the stakeholders

  • You know there are worthwhile ‘frameworks’ out there but you are looking for more of a ‘pick up and run with’ pre-prepared consistent approach that is easy to implement

Why  do WE have to lead Wellbeing? Why does it have to start with us?

Communities and families are under pressure and Schools and Early Learning Centres are the central focal point for where families decide to live as they raise and educate their children. Schools are the universal place for learning and the only way we can create generational change is through young people.

Why now?

  • Mental illness statistics in this country are alarming, particularly for young people. Deaths by suicide in young Australians is the highest it’s been for 10 years, one in seven young Australians experiences a mental health condition, plus evidence suggests that 3 in 4 adult mental health conditions emerge by the age of 24, and half by the age of 14. (Statistics from Youth Beyond Blue, current at January 2018)  This means that several children in an average Preschool room or Primary School classroom could be heading for or are already experiencing challenges.

  • Add to this The latest Australian Early Development Census data that shows that the percentage of Australian children who were developmentally vulnerable on the social competence domain increased from 9.3 percent in 2012 to 9.9 percent in 2015, and those children who were developmentally vulnerable in the emotional maturity domain increased from 7.6 percent in 2012 to 8.4 percent in 2015.

  • Educators and Teachers are experiencing more stress and less job satisfaction than ever before as they try to manage more and more challenges – growing problems of violence, bullying, all while juggling packed curriculums.  And every time an educator leaves the profession or the Centre/School this creates new challenges for the families and the community. Centre Directors and School Principals want to support their teams to feel energized, engaged and supported in their work, and they want to lead a culture of Wellbeing in their communities although this can be a daunting task.  

  • Many families in our communities are in trouble. Parents and carers want the best for their children, although many are facing their own mental health challenges. Everyone wants to live in a safe supportive environment where children are learning effectively, enjoying the experience and maintaining their mental health.  Parents and caregivers most likely didn’t learn social and emotional skills or mental wellbeing skills when they were at School so they are unsure how to teach these to their children or unaware of the need, or believe that it is the responsibility of the education system.

  • Once young people reach high school it can be very challenging to treat or reverse the effects of poor self-esteem – they can begin to self-harm or begin to exhibit bullying behaviour or be on the receiving end of that behaviour or become isolated, and once problems manifest they can be incredibly challenging to turn around. Children must start learning these skills as young as 3 (or younger) and Early Learning Centres and Primary School is the place to start. And educators can’t be expected to be solely responsible for creating the learning opportunities for students to develop social and emotional skills on top of all their other demands.

What if I register then I can’t make it?


We will be recording the event so if you register and can’t make it we are happy to send you the recording on request.
To get the free gifts and tips you will need to be with us live on the webinar.

Look forward to connecting with you!

When you attend 'live' you can receive 2 gifts with our compliments:

When you attend one of the PLS Information sessions 'live', you will receive the 2 page 'Blueprint' report: ‘Leading a Primary School or Early Learning Centre community Mental Wellbeing initiative’ - The Essential 10 elements’ , PLUS

When you complete our short online event survey after the event, you will also receive the ‘5 Steps to Positive Living’ 55 page E-workbook – a practical wellbeing guide to help you move toward your most fulfilled life. This 55 page workbook is packed with practical and useful tools and techniques including 20 Activities to help you learn and apply 5 distinct steps that you can choose to apply in your life to begin to move you toward a more fulfilled life experience.


Both ​these reports will assist you personally and professionally and you are under no obligation to move forward with the Positive Living Skills initiative although if after the webinar if you would like to find out more we would be delighted to book a 'Discovery session' or follow up chat with you and/or the decision makers at your School or Centre.

A whole of community approach is needed, and as Early learning Centres and Schools are at the centre of our communities for young families, the opportunity for leadership lies with you.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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