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Postage Included Australia Wide

Families are telling us about the positive experiences they are having with the Positive Living Skills program at home and how much of an impact Possa Bill is having for the family.

Possa Bill loves to try new things, he knows learning takes practice, he loves being active, he enjoys eating healthy foods, and he believes that he can do things that he sets his mind to. Educators and families are loving having Possa Bill by their sides helping them to support their children to learn essential positive living skills.

Now you can help embed the important qualities that Possa Bill and the PLS program represents with the PLS At Home pack. The pack contains 1 x Possa Bill puppet/plush toy, 1 x Happy Highlight clicker and a 'PLS at Home' scrapbook where your child/ren can document their experiences with Possa Bill.

Help your children aged 2-6, with support from Possa Bill, to have fun while learning the essential skills to understand and manage their emotions, learn appreciation skills, as well as build skills for a healthy lifestyle and a growth mindset. 

When families purchase an 'At Home' Family Pack, we will email you a 'Meet Possa Bill' introduction, an Intro to 'Happy Highlights' and a guide to how Possa Bill can become part of your family. 

Possa Bill 'At Home' Family Pack