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Jo Devin, Co - Founder

While teaching could be said to be one of the most rewarding choices of profession, it is also widely recognised as one of the most challenging, and you don’t have to look far to see reports of teachers leaving the profession in record numbers, feeling stressed and overwhelmed.


At Positive Living Skills, we see teacher wellbeing and engagement as vital issues to acknowledge and address, which is why Professional Development is a core focus for our programs.

As an Educator member of a Licenced Positive Living Skills Service or School you have complimentary access to a range of Professional Development sessions.

We also offer a face to face full day workshop option at an additional cost. (see below for more information and contact us.)

'Very enjoyable presentation - relevant content delivered by real people.'  Melissa, Sydney 

Self care is so important.  When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow.  You cannot serve from an empty vessel. 

Eleanor Brownn public speaker and educator Master of Arts, Behavioral Science/Gerontology, California State University DH

'Very relevant to interacting with staff, students, parents and my own family/friends.'  Primary Teacher, Sydney 

At Positive Living Skills, our programs were created with educators in mind and we see teacher wellbeing and support as a vital priorities in our programs and our approach which is why Professional Development is a standard program inclusion:


Both the PLS Early Childhood Wellbeing program and the Primary School Wellbeing program includes Professional Development training as part of your Positive Living Skills program membership. 


These sessions explore the concepts of the Program, both within the context of applying the learning outcomes with children and students as well as to support teachers, educators and staff as they move forward with their own ongoing personal and professional development.


We welcome your participation in these sessions and your feedback about your experience. Please send any questions or feedback to us via email to

Make sure to check your emails or speak to your Director, Principal or Wellbeing Coordinator to find out when more Positive Living Skills sessions are available. 

When you complete a session and complete and submit the relevant wokbook, you can apply for a Certificate of Completion from Positive Living Skills or if you are in NSW you can provide us with your NESA ID and we will load the relevant information into the NESA Portal for your PD hours to be endorsed. 

Additionally member Schools and Centres who want to further support their teaching teams can consider hosting us to deliver our full day Teacher Wellbeing Teambuilding workshop: ‘5 steps to Positive Living’.

Contact us to find out more or read on and download a flyer today.

Banbury Cottage

Teacher wellbeing has never been more Important than right now, and research shows that teachers own level of social and emotional competence is vital to their ability to effectively lead children in learning and development while maintaining their own balance and health and wellbeing.


This full day face to face workshop is delivered at your School or Centre and provides an opportunity for teachers to build an even more cohesive team while they learn tools they can take to the classroom the following day and apply with their students as well as in their own lives and relationships.

 Completing the 5 Steps to Positive Living Workshop will contribute 5 hours of NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) approved 

Registered Professional Development for teachers*maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.   This workshop addresses NESA standard descriptor 6.2.2 standard of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

***Participants have rated this workshop as Highly RELEVANT AND highly ENGAGING! (relevance rating 4.76/5 and engagement 4.81/5 - across 61 participants)***

Participants completing this one-day program will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience an increased level of self-awareness through a range of self-reflection and group activities

  • Build skills for appreciating and understanding others even more

  • Improve team cohesiveness and embrace relationship skills

  • Explore concepts to build mental and emotional wellbeing and resilience

  • Build skills to manage or reduce stress

  • Explore and develop skills and tools for self-empowerment

  • Reflect on personal communication strengths and styles

  • Build awareness around individual and group leadership strengths

  • Connect leadership skills to the classroom environment

  • Build knowledge around the importance of developing and maintaining a growth mindset

Jo, Our lady of Sacred Heart Primary School, Randwick

Melissa from Our Lady of Sacred Heart Randwick

Daniella, Regina Coeli Primary School, Beverly Hills Sydney

Margie and Nancy, Regina Coeli Primary School, Beverly Hills Sydney

Melissa and Seeta, Regina Coeli Primary School, Beverly Hills Sydney

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