How can I feel happier with life?

When asked what we want most for the people we love, most of us will answer, 'I just want them to be happy.'

We all want to be happy. To do or have what we think will please us and give us joy.

We naturally attach the achievement of goals, or the having of the things we want, to the achievement of happiness.

Do any of these statements seem familiar?

‘I’ll be happy when…….'

I earn more money

We move into a different house

I lose weight

I get fitter

My partner starts ………

My partner stops........

I find a partner/Leave my partner.......

My kids do...are older....leave……

The weather is warmer/colder

The Government starts ………

The Government stops…….

I finish my course

When………when….. when……

We all know it's worthwhile to have goals and to strive and work towards what we want, although that can have us feeling frustrated and dissatisfied, or worse.

The challenge is then, how can we learn to be more content and satisfied with our lives how they are right NOW while still staying motivated and moving forward.

In this fast paced world full of experiences and comparisons we can sometimes feel like we aren't keeping up, or that we're missing out, or that there's another level out there for us, although somehow we intuitively know that if we continue to put our feelings of satisfaction or contentment into the future, we are robbing ourselves of the happiness we say we want. We'll get to be happy when we're thinner, smarter, stronger, richer, or somehow more successful than we are now.

So how do we build our 'contentment' muscle?

How can we be more content and happy with our life as it is unfolding right now?

A great place to start, which really does work, and you can do this at ANY moment, is to look at what you can be grateful for in your life right now. With our built in negativity bias, we are very good at describing the things that aren't working in our lives, which breeds more discontent and dissatisfaction. The good news is that as we build our self-awareness, we can move our focus in just a second or two, and when we focus on what is working, on what we are achieving, on what we can do or be grateful for right now, we get to feel happy and content now too.

Try it now - th