Braver than you believe

It's easy, especially right now, to find ourselves worrying about the future, considering the impact of real or suspected threats to our health, relationships, finances, career or business - any aspect of life.

Our thoughts can easily and understandably turn to questions like:

What if I get sick? Or someone in my family gets sick?

What if this downturn continues?

What if we can't afford groceries or can't pay the mortgage?

What if things get worse?

What if...........? What if...........?

And it's easy for these thoughts to end up 'on repeat' in our minds. We wonder how we will possibly cope or have the capacity to carry on or handle more hurdles, set backs or challenges.

Fear is real and is an inevitable and inescapable part of life. It also has the capacity to consume us or completely limit us, if we allow it to control us.

And sometimes in challenging times, we forget what we've already been able to handle or overcome.

Take a moment now to go back in time, to a time in your past, either recently or a while ago, when you were really tested; when something extremely challenging happened.

Each of us has at least one of those times to remember.

As you are remembering that time, come forward in time a little, to how you eventually picked yourself up, maybe after falling apart and then seeking and receiving some support from others.

Eventually you handled it.

Direct your focus now toward the positive ways that you responded; the positive attributes and qualities that you showed as you faced or responded to that challenge.

How well you actually DID handle it.

You might have surprised yourself with how well you dealt with the situation. Consider how you managed this experience, or how you maintained your sense of humour despite it all, or how you responded quickly, or how you treated or supported others, or how you just generally and eventually carried on through or after a pretty terrible experience.

Yes you may have been dazed at first, and you might have denied it was a problem, or blamed someone or something at first, you may have faltered at times, and felt sorry for yourself at times, and fallen in a heap at times. After all, you are a human being who is entitled and designed to feel the full range of human emotions at different times.

If you haven't already, take a moment right now to acknowledge yourself. Consider feeling proud, right now, of how you did end up managing to cope. You can be proud of how you managed, how you got through, how you handled you, how you maybe handled others, how compassionate you became, how resilient you grew, how you prevailed, survived, despite the situation and the circumstances you found yourself in.

Acknowledge yourself for that. Appreciate your own capacity.

The truth is that you are stronger and more resourceful than you give yourself credit for most of the time. You have powerful resources of courage and strength inside of you that come o