Do all the Good you Can

With all the terrible things that seem to be happening in the world right now, we can easily wonder how on earth these events can fit into the grand plan of life. Whoever’s plan you believe that is.

As we approach the end of what has been an extraordinary year, there has been such challenge and hardship for so many people. Many have experienced extreme challenges, financially and emotionally, and so many have lost loved ones. Special people will be missing from the table, or maybe there may not be a table to join.

Those who have all their family safe, and those who have kept their jobs might experience feelings of guilt, wondering why they have been spared when so many others have not.

So what is the key to all this? Is doing good things really good for us?

Surely we need to focus on supporting our own families right now. How can we find time or energy to help others when we're in survival mode? How can we feel proud of what we have to rejoice about, while still maintaining empathy for those who are struggling?

According to Tony Robbins, as human beings we are all driven by six Core needs. These needs are constantly shaping our thoughts, actions and behaviours:

Certainty: We want to feel sure of some things,

Variety: While we crave certainty we also need variety to feel alive

Connection: We all need to belong and feel loved

Significance: We need to be noticed, to matter in some way; to make a difference

Growth: We all need to keep learning and experiencing

Contribution: We all need to contribute in some way to something or someone.

Many of our behaviours are based on which of our core needs are – or are not – being met, and depending on which of the basic human needs are foremost in our personality, we could be spending a lot of time consciously or subconsciously trying to meet them.

Regardless of whether your main drivers are certainty or variety, or connection or significance, the needs of Growth and Contribution are said to be the two major sources of fulfilment and happiness for us as human beings.

And if you are looking to feel good, one of the biggest sources of fulfilment out of all of these needs, according to our philosophy, is Contribution.

Giving. To someone other than us. Contributing to something outside of ourselves, something bigger than us. Giving is food for the soul, or 'the secret to living is giving', according to Tony.

And the beauty of giving is that it doesn’t have to have a price tag and it doesn't have to be 'big' to help us feel good. Here are some tips to make contribution an important part of your life, AND you will feel as if you are the one who is receiving the gifts.

1. Keep it simple.

You can give someone your love or your thoughts. Give a stranger a smile. Just give – something of you to someone else. Give someone your time.

2. Start at home.

If you have a strong need to contribute, you will most likely al