Our Vision and Values


Positive Living Skills supports the mental wellbeing of individuals to live as participating, contributing members of thriving communities


We champion mental wellness and early prevention of mental health problems with a ‘whole of learning community approach’ that supports Early Learning Centres and Primary Schools to lead a culture of mental wellbeing in their communities by embedding an explicit, educator-led wellbeing curriculum to socially and emotionally benefit children, while also supporting educators and families. 



Positive Living Skills is committed to the following values (in no particular order): 


We uphold ethical and moral principles, ensure consistency between words and deeds, are accountable for our actions, outcomes and responses, and believe in honesty, sincerity and truth 



Every person deserves consideration and regard.  We respect ourselves, our environment, different perspectives, and strive to maintain high standards 



We promote Inclusion and positive connection.  Every person is equally valued and appreciated and is encouraged to reach their unique potential and strive for their own personal best effort.  



We appreciate and acknowledge the worth of self and others, we appreciate and support our environments, and we embrace diversity 



We believe in contribution collaboration and partnership and to supporting others and working together to support thriving communities both locally and globally. 



Individuals, communities and processes and systems thrive when they are continually growing and improving. We encourage all individuals to embrace opportunities to learn and improve. 

‘On what we do with children, rests the destiny of our world.’ Dr. Terry Orlick

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Call Us: (02) 9135 2959  /   team@positivelivingskills.com.au   /  Ground floor, 100 Walker Street, North Sydney, 2060

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