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Teacher Resources

Positive Living Skills Online Info Sessions


Support the social and emotional health of children
Support positive behavioural strategies
Boost educator capacity
Strengthen family partnerships

We all want children to thrive with essential skills for kindness, confidence, and mental fitness, and educators deserve to feel confident and enjoy their role.

The PLS Wellbeing Resources equip educators with practical, easy-to-implement resources that:


Click one of the images below to register for the next Early Childhood OR Primary School Info session and receive a 5-page download with activities you can apply in your learning environment NOW.
• Introduces the PLS topics of Highlights and Self-esteem.
• Offers daily highlights and activities to try
• Offers a confidence-boosting activity: The Body Language of      Confidence or Physiology of Excellence

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Click the image below to register for the next upcoming session or scroll down to watch previously recorded sessions.

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The Positive Living Skills Early Childhood Wellbeing platform and Primary School Wellbeing Program are both available as quality-assured programs in the NSW Department of Education’s Student Wellbeing external programs catalogue in the themes of:

  1. Resilience
  2. Behaviour, and

  3. Sense of Belonging

The Positive Living Skills Wellbeing programs have been independently reviewed and are listed in the ‘Be You’ Programs Directory.
They meet the minimum evidence requirements set by Be You and have been awarded a rating for evidence and implementation.

The Positive Living Skills program is showcased in the NSW Mental Health commission’s Living Well Strategic plan for mental health reform in NSW in the Getting in Earlier domain.


Previous Early Childhood Info Sessions 


Previous Primary School Info Sessions

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Shelley Darcy, Principal, Eumungerie Public School

"I recommend this program to other schools because it is so well-resourced. The contact with the PLS team is amazing, and the program has been able to be delivered so explicitly because of the resources. The holistic approach is the best. It looks at more than the surface; it gives students that holistic approach to wellbeing."

Join our next Information session to find out how PLS can support you and your team to meet your teaching outcomes, and know that you are supporting the mental health of children and families as well as boosting your own wellbeing. 

Learn more about the PLS


Learn more about the PLS

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