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Anxiety, depression, suicide, bullying, and violence are robbing our young people of their potential and devastating our communities.

Families play a vital role in the Positive Living Skills initiative, and we acknowledge all the parents, carers, grandparents, and families who are passionate about supporting children to become healthy, resilient, and contributing adults.

Join The Family Link and access a range of resources to support the wellbeing of all family members.

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Introduce us to your Early Childhood or Primary School if they’re not already a member with PLS

Share your name and email address and agree to receive our regular online newsletter, and you will gain complimentary access to the Positive Living Skills ‘Family Link’,

where you can access Free resources including audios, animations, and activities for:

» 0 - 5 Years

» 6 - 12 Years

» 13 + Years

Plus you can meet the program mascot for the 0-6 year old children, Possa Bill, and find links to additional mental health resources for all family members.  

Hailey Chant - Early Childhood Specialist

Possa Bill at home

Possa Bill can become a very important part of your family, helping your children....

  • Eat new foods 

  • Finish healthy meals

  • Bed time routine

  • Try new things 

  • & more

Join the PLS Family Link to learn how PB can help you!

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