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Possa Bill Banner

Possa Bill is the leading mascot character within the Positive Living Skills Early Childhood Wellbeing platform and the Foundation to Year 2 stages of the PLS Primary School Wellbeing program.

Possa Bill can help teach children a range of qualities including kindness, empathy, persistence, patience, growth mindset, personal best, inclusion, appreciation as well as health and nutrition – and lots more!

Watch a Possa Bill Animation

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Possa Bill proudly features in learning experiences, activities, stories, posters and resources throughout the PLS programs, and he is also available as a plush puppet.

Possa Bill knows the importance of learning and growing and giving his personal best effort, or PB!

Possa Bill stands tall, knowing that his body language can help him feel and look confident, and he benefits from regular relaxation.

Listen to the Possa Bill Song

Possa Bill loves to dance and is active and healthy and LOVES being outside in nature as often as he can.

Possa Bill is kind, caring, supportive, inclusive, appreciates the simple joys in life, and loves to learn. He loves hugs too!

Possa Bill knows that to learn and to build confidence, we all need to try new things, and persist and practice to build our skills.

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Possa Bill at home

Possa Bill can become a very important part of your family, helping your children....

  • Eat new foods 

  • Finish healthy meals

  • Bed time routine

  • Try new things 

  • & more

Join the PLS Family Link to learn how PB can help you

Hailey Chant Early Childhood Specialist

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