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Welcome to Positive Living Skills Professional Development 

If you are a PLS member, educator, or leader you are invited to create a PLS Professional Development account and complete one or all of the current online sessions.

Each session represents 90 minutes of Professional Development and all
topics are focused on supporting and boosting educator capacity and personal and professional wellbeing.

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Self-Care and Stress Management:
Tools to help you implement a self-care plan

Participants completing this session will have the opportunity to:

Understand the short and long-term impacts of stress on our physical and mental wellbeing

Understand the difference between good stress and bad stress​

Explore and identify their stress triggers and strategies and how this translates to the learning environment

Consider different aspects of and strategies for self-care

Explore how our physiology impacts our psychology​

Understand the relaxation response and strategies for relaxation​

Begin to develop a self-care plan 

Building effective leadership skills:
Strategies to support self leadership

Participants completing this session will have the opportunity to:

Understand the concepts of leadership and self-leadership

Consider what leadership traits they aspire to build

Build their knowledge of the practices of exemplary leadership and reflect on their own leadership strengths & opportunities

Explore above-the-line thinking and the Locus of Control in relation to leadership and empowerment​

✓ Broaden their knowledge of the concept of Growth Mindset and how it relates to leadership and self-leadership

Reflect on the concept of educators as lifelong learners

Enhancing positive focus skills: Practical focus strategies to enhance performance and life outcomes

Participants completing this session will have the opportunity to:

Understand what a ‘fully connected focus’ is and how it supports learning and performing

Understand more about the 8 pillars of Focus and how these drive performance

Participate and reflect on Focus and Visualisation exercises/activities

Reflect on how a Focus activity could be applied to students in the learning environment

Reflect on how to build our ‘Attentional’ and ‘Intentional’ focusing abilities

Reflect on how appreciation links to positive focus skills

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