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The team at Positive Living Skills and our talented group of advisors, mentors and supporters, are all keenly passionate to see the children, educators and families in our communities, access and develop all of their personal resources to develop practical and effective tools and strategies to look after their mental health.


We share a vision – a vision that will see the alarming statistics around depression, anxiety and suicide that is plaguing our communities and schools, reduce drastically in the next 10 years. Yes, this is an ambitious goal, and it is one that we can all collaborate together to work toward.


If Education based and Mental Health based bodies can work together to give true prevention a chance and begin supporting young children and their educators to learn practical ways to look after their own mental wellbeing, in the environment within which they learn and teach, then as a nation we have a chance to reach the National Government’s goal to halve the suicide rate in the next decade.

None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful." Mother Teresa

Cath Shaw

Catherine Shaw is the founder of the Positive Living Skills initiative in Australia.

After more than 20 years of business ownership, Cath’s pursuit for Positive Living Skills saw her study to become a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner and her search for practical preventative programs led her to the extensive work of the leading international mental training expert, Dr. Terry Orlick.

Catherine is proud of her beautiful family, and she is proud to have led a team of committed professionals to develop and now distribute the evidenced based preventative Social and Emotional Educational Programs called Positive Living Skills, which heavily features Dr. Orlick’s concepts.

Catherine is entirely committed to see this Initiative become an integral part of educational and community life in Australia, to positively impact a whole generation to enable them to live contributing lives and stop this dangerous mental illness cycle which is gripping our communities.


Catherine’s action-orientated and driven approach is proactive, and she is determined to see prevention mechanisms put in place to look after the emotional wellbeing and mental health of the Australian community by beginning with a healthy start to life.

Jo Devin

Jo Devin is co-founder of Positive Living Skills, and together with founder Cath Shaw and the PLS team, she is extremely determined and committed to being a proactive contributor to enhancing mental wellbeing in Early Childhood Education and Care communities and Primary School communities by bringing these preventative positive living skills programs to children, students, educators, teachers and families.

Jo has an extensive background in Human Resources, Management, Leadership Development, and People and Business Development. She is also an experienced Counsellor, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and a competent and effective Facilitator and Trainer in the areas of personal development, stress management and life balance, presentation skills, leadership skills, communication and the customer experience.


Together the PLS team knows what it takes to apply the positive living skills concepts into everyday life and work, to support educators, families and communities to thrive with practical tools for Positive living.  

Hailey Chant

Hailey Chant has brought 15 years of childcare industry experience to the PLS team,  ranging from birth to 6 years old, Before and After school care, and she has also worked with pre-teens and teenagers at the Starlight room at Westmead children’s hospital, and managed young children’s sport programs. 


Completing her Bachelor of Education Birth to five years through Charles Sturt University while working and raising her daughter has been both a challenging and rewarding life experience for Hailey.


She has worked her way from Trainee to lead educator for 3-5 years olds, assisted with opening a long day care Centre, directing for a short period, and was 2IC, educational leader and sustainability officer at her most recent child care Centre.


As Customer Engagement Specialist for Positive Living Skills Hailey is now thoroughly enjoying combining her knowledge and experience in Childcare with her relationship skills and her passion for positive mental wellbeing to support and engage Centre staff as they implement the PLS program, plus as a loving mother, she is seeing the daily benefits of the program first hand in her young daughter.



At a young age, Samantha Shanks discovered just how prevalent mental health issues are in Australia; after her mother was diagnosed.


And as a mother of 3 young children of her own, Samantha understands how important it is for all children to build skills for positive thinking and emotional intelligence, not only starting at a young age but also to implement in as they grow older and make their way in the world.


She also knows how important it is that we all concentrate on our own personal development and find meaning and joy in our lives. 

Samantha brings a range of essential skills to the PLS team, including Administration support, as well as Marketing support and Social Media Marketing, and she is passionate about seeing the Positive Living Skills initiative reach more and more Australian communities. 

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