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Positive Living Skills Wellbeing Program

We equip teachers with
comprehensive and flexible wellbeing resources

Mapped to national curriculums and frameworks

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Positive Living Skills is an inclusive and truly preventative evidence-based mental health education initiative.

Lessons resources and professional development supports children to learn essential skills, supports educators and school leaders to promote positive behaviour and relationships in the school community, supports educator wellbeing and enhances family partnerships.

How does it work?

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the lifetime licence for your school

the program webpage: get familiar with content

PLS sends welcome pack with USB

Upload to school server and share

PLS reaches out to support

Teachers are under pressure



Of teachers describe their work-life balance as 'less than ideal or non-existent'



Of teachers are stressed at work fairly often or most of the time



Want to increase their skills in building strong relationships with students

Sample the Primary School Wellbeing Program Tour and Lessons 

See a program tour, download FOUR sample lessons, see a unit and lesson outline and planning sample and more!

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The Positive Living Skills Early Childhood Wellbeing platform and Primary School Wellbeing Program are both available as quality-assured programs in the NSW Department of Education’s Student Wellbeing external programs catalogue in the themes of:

  1. Resilience
  2. Behaviour, and

  3. Sense of Belonging

The Positive Living Skills Wellbeing programs have been independently reviewed and are listed in the ‘Be You’ Programs Directory.
They meet the minimum evidence requirements set by Be You and have been awarded a rating for evidence and implementation.

The Positive Living Skills program is showcased in the NSW Mental Health commission’s Living Well Strategic plan for mental health reform in NSW in the Getting in Earlier domain.

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Our approach...

Three driving desires have underpinned the development, research, and distribution of the Positive Living Skills programs:

1. To support educators’ confidence to communicate about and teach common-language daily mental health skills.


2. To see educators reach the goals they set for themselves when they first sought out teaching as their profession, and 


3.To support an environment where young people can learn life-saving skills for social and emotional fitness so they can move towards their unique potential and become kind and competent members of communities


We provide educators with comprehensive, evidence-based, pre-planned, and curriculum-mapped learning experiences and resources that offer:

» The HOW for teaching preventative mental health

» Resources that reach home for families

» Teacher wellbeing and professional development support

"The various PLS resources (such as posters, audio recordings, stories, and worksheets) were provided in such a way that lesson preparation and facilitation was stress-free. Additionally, lessons were scripted, yet flexible enough to enable teachers to adapt them to meet their classroom’s interests (such as extending discussions or modifying activities) or children’s specific wellbeing needs (such as focusing on ‘Relaxation’ with anxious children)."

The comprehensive PLS Primary School Wellbeing program is founded on lived experience, developed with support of education and psychology experts, and proven by research. 

Together we can prevent and improve mental health problems by empowering students with strong social and emotional competence, as they boost their communication and peer support skills.


Teach Children
PLS Concepts


Through Repetition
and Practice


Positive Living Skills become habitual

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'Pick up and deliver' resources that meet Curriculum areas of English, The Arts, Personal and Social Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking and HPE

Our 12 Core Concept units provide activity-based learning experiences focusing on:

Our goal is to save teacher time, support teacher and student wellbeing, support partnerships with families and provide an easy to implement flexible package to support school communities. 

✓ Noticing everyday positive experiences (called Highlights)

✓ Understanding our and other's feelings

Developing attention skills

Learning how to relax

Fostering cooperation skills

Building healthy self-esteem

Building appreciation and gratitude

Learning effective communication skills

Developing problem solving abilities

Building capacity for self-leadership and goal-setting exploring their potential


Primary School Wellbeing Program Happy Child

What's included:

✓ Lifetime licence to program materials

216 individually scripted learning experiences from the foundation to year 6

All resources are provided on a USB flash drive for easy upload to the school server to share with educators

All lessons are mapped to the Australian Curriculum and NSW PDHPE Syllabus

Planning Mapping and Assessment Matrix: Supporting Educators to Plan, Implement, Assess, and Extend Learning

Referenced additional educator resources

Audio, visuals, songs, and videos or animations

36 Units of Work covering Foundation, Years 1-2, Years 3-4 and Years 5-6

Starter Kit, including 25 highlight clickers, 15 posters, and 2 plush Possa Bill puppets (sent by mail with the program USB)

3x online on-demand PD sessions are available to all educators (create your own free PD account and complete and submit workbooks for acknowledgement from PLS)

Resources for families and access to PLS 'Family Link'

Includes support from the PLS team

PP Pricing

Gain instant access to the Positive Living Skills Primary School Wellbeing Program on a LIFETIME LICENCE basis

For $3995.00 ex GST  *

    The PLS program can be delivered in up to a 4 year repeatable scope

*Smaller schools please contact us for pricing
Would you like more information?

Book a free discovery session with Catherine Shaw, the Founder of the Positive Living Skills Initiative.

During the
one-on-one consultation, we can further explore how the program could best support your school community and culture, learn more about the features, and how other schools are successfully implementing the program.

Positive Living Skills Wellbeing Program
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