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This funding offer is full

If you are interested in the opportunity to have the PLS program funded in your school

please express your interest.

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Funding opportunity for Public Schools in the Western NSW Primary Health Network region

The Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSWPHN) is giving public primary schools in their region

the opportunity to express their interest to access the Positive Living Skills Primary School

Wellbeing program with full funding support. 

Why Darryl Thompson, Principal of Wellington Public School recommends Positive Living Skills to all primary schools in Western NSW 
Dr. Elizabeth Murray, who is also senior Lecturer and Associate Head of School has seen the positive results of the PLS program firsthand

To get started:

1. Fill out the online form to express your interest​

2. PLS will then be in contact to update you on the opportunity

If you have any questions please email us:

The Positive Living Skills (PLS) Wellbeing program offers an evidence-based approach to the intentional teaching of skills for mental wellbeing, starting in early childhood, and has been designed with educators in mind so it is easy to implement, flexible and comprehensive

PLS is a fundamental early prevention approach supporting children to learn a range of habitual strategies to build a strong sense of self-worth and resilience and empower them to self-regulate and self-direct their emotions

for positive outcomes, and support them as they move into adolescence

and high school.

With the support of the Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSWPHN), the Positive Living Skills Wellbeing Initiative will be introduced to government primary schools in the WNSWPHN region, providing each school with an opportunity to submit an Expression of Interest to access the PLS Wellbeing initiative for their learning communities.

Participating primary schools are provided with a Lifetime Licence to the PLS program materials and the Positive Living Skills team offers each school support to integrate the program into their existing wellbeing strategy plan and curriculum, to engage their teams and to plan the roll out of the program into

their communities.

Participating schools sign a Memorandum of Understanding agreeing to commence implementing the PLS program within a reasonable time,

and to participate in an evaluation of the program via an online survey form which will be sent out to all schools at the end of the year and will be shared


Shelley Darcy, Principal of  Eumungerie Public School, shares how easy the PLS program is to use and how it fits with their  strategic direction and their holistic approach to student wellbeing.
Wellbeing Coordinator, Erin Woolstencroft shares how Positive Living Skills is helping Parkes Public School connect further through a common language mental health strategy.

Units and Lessons Outline Guide

Happy Highlights 
Where are highlights? 
Opportunities to appreciate
Any Day highlights 
Zing Highlights 
Remembering Highlights


Understanding Relaxation

Why is relaxation important?

Learning how to relax

Quiet your mind

Special place relaxation

Relax and revitalise 


How do you feel?



Notice your thoughts

Changing Channels

Reeling in good feelings


Let’s Co-operate







I can focus

Focused Listening & Seeing

Focused learning

Focusing through distractions

Focus in the present moment

Focus in positive ways


Healthy Self Esteem



Building confidence

Physiology of Excellence

We are Unique

To download the Unit  
and Lesson outline click here

Appreciating yourself and others

Appreciating and

respecting differences

Being Thankful

Cultivating Gratitude

Expressing appreciation



Finding solutions

Dealing with challenges

Respecting others

Critical thinking

Creative thinking

Negotiating forward


Let’s Communicate

The power of words

The tone of your communication

Communicating with physiology

Online communication

Communicating effectively




Communicating Like a Leader

Always learning

Personal Standards

Positive action



Choosing your thoughts

Choosing your response

Understanding outcomes

Owning your choices

DO-cide to act in positive ways



What is possible?


Learn from Doing

Stepping stones

Believe and Achieve

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'Children now have a forum to discuss their feelings, a safe place where their emotions can be supported and seen as important and an opportunity to focus on positive feelings.'

Teacher, Wellington Public School, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

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