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Meet Possa Bill

Who is Possa Bill?

Possa Bill is the leading mascot character within the Positive Living Skills Early Childhood Wellbeing Program, proudly featured in our learning experiences, activities, stories, on our posters, and in our resources throughout the program.


He can also join the educating team in the form of a plush puppet!

What does PB teach?

He can help you teach children a range of qualities including: kindness, empathy, persistence, patience, emotional intelligence, inclusion, appreciation, a growth mindset, health and nutrition

- and lots more!

Refer to Possa Bill Song.

More about PB

He knows that to learn and build confidence, we all need to try new things, and persist and practice to build our skills.

He also stands tall, knowing that he can use his physiology to maintain a positive mindset. 

Possa Bill is kind, caring, supportive, inclusive, he appreciates the simple joys in life and loves to learn.

How to introduce Possa Bill

We suggest you introduce Possa Bill to the children before you begin delivering the PLS Learning Experiences.

If your service would like to purchase any additional Possa Bill Plush Puppets you can do so online.

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Communicating with Possa Bill at home

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What does Possa Bill sound like?

Generally, Possa Bill whispers in your ear and you communicate on his behalf, which saves your team from having to create his voice.

Working With The Possa Bill Puppet

There are a couple of ways to work with the Possa Bill Puppet.

Option 1. 
Place your pinkie into his right arm, and your thumb into his left arm then place your three middle fingers up into the top of his mouth (placing your three fingers into the top of his mouth, not the bottom allows for much more head movement). Utilising Possa Bill in this way allows you to manoeuvre his arms for more dramatic body language and allows you to still lift and drop his head.

Option 2.
Place your thumb into the lower part of his mouth and your four fingers into the upper part of his mouth, this allows you to move his mouth and head. This is good for when he whispers into your ear and talks about how well the children are doing, or when he wants to communicate something.

He needs a Special Place!

When Possa Bill (the puppet) isn’t interacting with the children, we suggest that he has his own ‘Special Place’ where he sits and is visible to all children.
As children get to know Possa Bill they might want to help contribute to making Possa Bill’s special place a really lovely place for him to sit, where he feels warm and safe and happy.

Children might like to make and/or decorate a box or window position where PB sits in a nature scene, full of his highlights, (things from the stories), kangaroos, etc around him...
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