Positive Living Skills 

Wellbeing Initiative

Supporting Early Learning Centres and Primary Schools in Australia to lead a

culture of emotional wellbeing in their communities - through teacher-led,  curriculum-mapped, flexible intentional teaching programs, resources and professional development

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Positive Living Skills
"Toward a mentally healthy generation:
Flattening the curve in the 2020
mental illness pandemic" 

A whole educational community approach supporting children, educators and families to achieve emotional wellness

'The kids really enjoy the lessons and are engaged. It is relevant to their lives and they enjoy talking about it. It also applies in our learning and relates well to growth mindset.' Emma, Year 3 teacher, Broken Hill NSW


Evidence-based Programs resources training and support assisting educators, children and families in Early Learning Centre communities to build skills for emotional wellbeing and resilience 


A comprehensive evidence-based Intentional teaching program including lesson plans, resources training and support to assist teachers, students and families in Primary School communities to build skills and long term habits for emotional wellbeing and resilience  


Supporting educators and  education  teams to build their cohesion and their social and emotional competence and emotional intelligence as well as skills for resilience and emotional wellbeing 

“Positive Living Skills gives teachers the tools they need to teach children the life skills they need to thrive. PLS strategies have the power to set children up for a life filled with joyful relationships, emotional well-being and success in achieving their goals. Congratulations to Cath and Jo on creating a program with so much potential to have a positive impact on the lives of children and our society. ”                  

Beth Macgregor, Psychologist

Beth Macgregor is an accomplished and experienced psychologist who consults to Child Health, Education and Welfare organisations and her focus areas include attachment, child development, brain development, trauma and working with vulnerable families. See www.bethmacgregor.com  for more information.

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Early Childhood

Professional Development

Primary School


Supporting Early Learning Centres and Primary Schools to lead a
culture of emotional wellbeing in their communities

School communities are struggling with violence, bullying, anxiety, depression and more, and the statistics are getting worse. Educators are more stressed than ever, curriculums are packed, and families are wondering how to support their kids and themselves to be balanced and fulfilled in life and learn essential resilience skills and long term habits to support emotional wellbeing. Once young people reach high school it can be very challenging to treat or reverse the effects of poor self esteem, and developed problems are  incredibly challenging to turn around.

Primary Schools and Early Learning Centres are the focal points of our communities, and we all want to live and have our children learn in safe supportive and inclusive environments.

A whole of community approach is needed.

If you are a teacher, a Wellbeing Coordinator, School Counsellor, School Principal or Early Learning Centre Director or owner or lead teacher then you NEED to know HOW to embed a culture of Wellbeing throughout your School or Centre community because clearly something needs to change or the current mental illness statistics will get worse if a proactive collaborative approach is not taken.


The Positive Living Skills initiative is a proactive and truly preventative approach that can help build long term essential skills for emotional wellbeing, and support Schools to implement positive behaviour.

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