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Positive Living Skills Wellbeing Program

Mental health programs for early childhood services and primary schools

We equip educators with curriculum mapped resources that help young people build and maintain their mental wellbeing, make educators’ jobs easier, strengthen connections with children and families, and help them achieve their goals.

Positive Living Skills Wellbeing Program

Early Childhood

Positive Living Skills Wellbeing Program

Primary School

Positive Living Skills Wellbeing Program


The situation…



Over 75% of mental health problems occur before the age of 25

(Beyond Blue)



Of educators want to see children build their communication and resilience skills

(NEiTA-ACE-Teachers report card)



Of teachers admit to feeling stressed fairly often or most of the time in a typical week (NEiTA)

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The Positive Living Skills Early Childhood Wellbeing platform and Primary School Wellbeing Program are both available as quality-assured programs in the NSW Department of Education’s Student Wellbeing external programs catalogue in the themes of:

  1. Resilience
  2. Behaviour, and

  3. Sense of Belonging

The Positive Living Skills Wellbeing programs have been independently reviewed and are listed in the ‘Be You’ Programs Directory.
They meet the minimum evidence requirements set by Be You and have been awarded a rating for evidence and implementation.

The Positive Living Skills program is showcased in the NSW Mental Health commission’s Living Well Strategic plan for mental health reform in NSW in the Getting in Earlier domain.

Our approach...

Positive Living Skills was founded on lived experience with anxiety and depression and a driving need to support young people, their educators and families.  

We collaborated with psychologists, teachers and  professionals to create
‘resource pool’ style programs, professional development opportunities and family resources, with concepts backed by decades of research.

When does true '
prevention’ begin when it comes to mental wellbeing?

Our belief is that
prevention MUST begin with children as young as 3 years of age learning habitual skills for wellbeing BEFORE there are signs of mental challenges.


Teaching PLS Concepts

Through Repetition and Practice

Positive Living Skills become habitual

"On what we do with children, rests the destiny of our world"
Early Childhood Banner

Early Childhood Wellbeing program

Mental Wellbeing Programs

An evidence-based, comprehensive pre-planned and flexible program with 48 resourced learning experiences aimed to support educators to teach young children skills for empathy, appreciation, relaxation, cooperation, emotional competency and self-esteem. Includes a range of 'school ready' and 0-3 years activities, stories, animations, songs, audios, posters and Educator Professional Development and resources that reach home to families. 

Meet Possa Bill

Possa Bill proudly features throughout the Positive Living Skills programs.
Possa Bill can help teach children a range of qualities including kindness, empathy, persistence, patience, growth mindset, personal best, inclusion, appreciation as well as health and nutrition – and lots more!

Possa Bill
Positive Living Skills Initiative Banner
Primary School Wellbeing program

A comprehensive evidence-based Intentional teaching mental wellbeing program

including 216 pre-prepared, and resourced lesson plans, mapped to curriculums and

standards, supporting students, teachers, and families to build long term emotional wellbeing and resilience. 


Hear from Beth Macgregor about

why she supports the PLS programs.

Beth is an accomplished and experienced psychologist who consults to Child Health, Education and Welfare organisations and
her focus areas include attachment, child development, brain development, trauma and working with vulnerable families.

See for more information
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Positive Living Skills for Families

Access a range of wellbeing resources to support all members of the family by joining the 'Positive Living Skills Family Link Online Hub'  by clicking the button below

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