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How to make bedtimes easier!

Or otherwise known as - my BIG Highlight moment.

This photo shows a BIG Highlight moment I captured the other night, when bedtime in our household became a whole lot easier .

Some of you may wonder why this is such a highlight, and other parents/carers will instantly connect with it as they know how challenging bed time with a toddler can be.

For those who are not so sure, the reason this photo represents such a special moment for me is because this is my daughter who is extremely active and always on the go and has until now, had loads of trouble settling down for sleep. Her mind races, as does her body, and sleep times have been extremely challenging.

We have tried a number of things to calm her and help her fall into her body at sleep times, and therefore make bedtime easier, including playing relaxing music and white noise, patting her, talking with her about the importance of sleep and even homeopathic remedies!

Last Sunday night I decided to try something new as I am always willing to try – just like our friend Possa Bill! I added Positive Living Skills audios onto my daughters iPod, and I asked if she would like to listen to some stories about Possa Bill and relaxing. She jumped at this opportunity as she has come to love and respect Possa Bill and associates him with fun experiences.

I laid with her and we laughed, cheered and cuddled through two Possa Bill stories, then I left her to listen to the relaxation audios on her own.

I wondered if they could be a little advanced for her as she is only two and a half, then I took the doubt out and decided to give it a go.

After 10 minutes I began to wonder why it was so quiet in her room and I could hear no running around... I peeked into her room to see this relaxed little human gently laying and taking in the audio 'Floating on clouds'*, and within the next 5 minutes she was asleep!

*this audio track is available as a free resource on our PLS website for all to sample*

I am one very happy Mum!

By playing a few of these audios at bed time or before rest time, this is providing time for Chloe to slow down and relax into her body and mind so she can become focused and relaxed.

I love how much of a positive impact this is having for my family, and after doing some research from the PLS programs, the evidence shows how this form of relaxation training can decrease stress and anxiety levels and promote a positive outlook and improved concentration for children (and adults!) of all ages, helping children especially to learn practical skills to recover from and manage stress, improve sleeping habits, and improve focus and learning ability.

By building moments and experiences of focused breathing and relaxation within the day (in this case at bed time), Chloe remains more centred, and can focus more fully on the tasks in front of her, and of course for her (and me!) getting proper sleep makes ALL the difference.

I highly recommend for other mums and dad and carers to jump on the Family Page of the PLS website and try the free audio resources for yourself.

You might find that they have an immediate positive result, or it might take a few times for your children to connect with them as they become familiar with the concepts and language, but eventually I am sure that bedtimes in your household will become easier too.

Let us know how you go!

Til next time,

Hailey and the PLS team

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